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We aim to be the very best in the industry. With first-hand expertise in marketing research, aircraft acquisition and sales, and financing and operations, we are a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Our team prioritizes the customer over everything, handling all aspects of the aircraft transaction, to provide an efficient process and optimal solutions.

OUR SERVICES - Selling an aircraft

Whether you're upgrading, or your flying activities and needs have changed. Whatever the reason is, you have decided to sell the aircraft that has been part of your life for all these years. JETY is here to save your time and money and make the selling process smooth and easy for you. Here is how it works:


Global Market Positioning

We conduct a skilful evaluation of your aircraft to understand it and position it intelligently in the market. We prepare and produce professional and attractive visual and data content on the aircraft, including styling. Then we undertake an extensive, professional sales effort, focused on its promotion.


Relationships of Privilege

We extend your reach with our own pool of international contacts and a network of potential, reliable aircraft buyers accumulated through our long experience in the field. Our business intelligence gives you discreet access to trusted, affluent, off-market buyers, corporations, institutions, operators, and aviation professionals. 


Tailored Management

Once a buyer is located, we can handle all communication on your behalf. We will manage all the paperwork, payment terms, and closing documentation, including issuing a Letter of Intent, providing support in final negotiations on terms and conditions of the purchase agreement, and overseeing the ownership title transfer. We prioritize your finances, time, and peace of mind, and we are with you every step of the way.

What we do?

- Deep aircraft evaluation and market analysis (e.g. JetNet, BlueBook, etc.)
Impeccable styling of your aircraft and creation of marketing material for further processing
- State-of-Art marketing content production (brochures, videos, posters, direct marketing templates, etc.
- Grant you exposure to an international network of contacts via tailored direct marketing campaigns, including wealthy individuals and corporations)
- A legal framework support (LOI, Sales Agreement, etc.)
- 100% technical support during the entire sales cycle (comments to received proposals, responding to deep technical questions, etc.)
- 24/7 support during concluding of the Sales Agreement, Pre-Purchase Inspection, and Delivery
- Facilitation of cryptocurrency payments
- Oversee ownership title transfer

OUR SERVICES - Buying an aircraft


You want the freedom, benefits, and excitement of private flying. You would like to spend less time in crowded airports and even more crowded airliners. Maybe you and your family want to go wherever you want – whenever you want. Or maybe your business has set a new goal for growth and a business jet will be a strategic asset, opening new doors and helping people to accomplish more in less time. Whatever the reason, working with us will provide a smooth, clearly mapped path to buying your aircraft, with a team of professionals available to assist you 24/7. Here is how it works:


Meaningful Research

With such a large investment, we believe knowledge is power. We do a thorough assessment of your travel needs so that we can identify the ideal aircraft for you. Then we perform a thorough, worldwide search to find the best possible specific opportunities out there for you. Years of aviation experience have resulted in a world-class pool of reliable business partners. We use our industry intelligence and extensive resources in order to locate the optimal solutions for you.


Tailored Management 

Once your chosen aircraft is pinpointed, we organize a professional visual inspection for you, provide assistance with a Letter of Intent, price negotiation, and execution of the sales agreement. We also provide support with your new aircraft’s delivery and operational start. We prioritize your finances, time, and peace of mind, and we are with you every step of the way.


Connecting the Dots

As you weigh the various aircraft choices, we help you consider each and every detail. We do an operational and maintenance history check. We advise you with interior design or refurbishment. We provide support in legal and tax issues as well as insurance.

What we do?

- Conduct a thorough evaluation of your travel needs
- Run a full review of the market
- Take on maintenance and inspection evaluations
- Lead price negotiation
- Organize a professional visual inspection
- Assist in handling a Letter of Intent (LOI) and the sales agreement
- Support delivery and your operational start